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Since I was a little girl I have always been intrigued with photography. My family went camping quite often and we would almost always stay in a State Campground. Walking down the trails, occasionally you would see an old weathered sign with carved wording that stated “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. That saying will forever be engraved on my mind. It instilled in me two passions; my love of photography and my love of the Michigan Outdoors.

Many of my fondest memories while camping include my dad with a camera in his hand. One memory in particular always brings a smile to my face. Once again, my family and I were camping in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan and we took a day trip to the Porcupine Mountains. Standing at the top platform looking down at The Lake In The Clouds I saw a small daisy and I wanted to pick it. My dad recited to me the phrase from the wooden sign and told me I couldn’t. Disappointed I left the flower perched on the mountain top and we headed home. A few weeks later my dad got his film developed and handed me a picture of the flower I so desperately wanted to pick, reciting to me again “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. The photo above is that photo (used with permission from my dad).

Although the photo may not seem like anything special to you, it means the world to me. At the moment my passion for what photography can do was intensified. I understood, at that moment, that photography has an innate ability to bring history and stories to life. I look at this photograph and it brings me right back to that hot summer day in which I was too young to have a care in the world. It reminds me of what it was like to be a kid again.

Good photography requires two things; passion and ability. As you have already read, I have the passion. Check out my galleries to decide for yourself if I have the ability. Since photography is 100% personal preference, I cannot sit here and tell you that you will love it, I can tell you that I loved doing it, but that goes back again to passion.

At STAR SNAPS we do everything from family photos, to infants, to senior pictures to weddings. We are professional quality photos at a fraction of the price. We could charge what our competition does, but that’s not fair to you. We enjoy working with real people; people who sometimes need a leg up. We even run specials often to help you out even more. Don’t settle for paying top dollar for your photos any longer.